Final Topic!

It was extremely difficult for me to find a topic that not only interested me, but also had good research behind it. The final topic I have chosen is, the effects of social and digital media on body images among young women. I have already started research for this topic and I have found many relevant and up to date articles about it. I think this topic is extremely important because so many female teens suffer from it and it is in every form of media but most important social media. From my own personal experience, I have noticed there are tons of posts and pictures of beautiful women and girls saying they want to be them or that they are “goals”. Its very sad how media shames women of their own bodies and makes them want to be something else. Another thing that stands out to me is the negative things teenagers say about each other on Twitter. The first things teens go to when trying to hurt someone is body shaming them.  This is a problem due to the fact that eating disorders are becoming a growing issue among teenage girls.


Research Topics

 There are many research topics from class that I found to be very eye-catching. Once I reviewed all of the topics, I narrowed it down to three that interested me the most. The first topic is when people become older, they also become more involved in dating sights/apps.  This seems like a good topic because  usually people think that younger generation use dating sights more, however this is false. As people get older they become more desperate for a partner, thus joining dating sights/apps. The second topic I find interesting is how people post things on social media not realizing that there can be real world consequences. It’s easy for people to say whatever they want when hiding behind a screen, which can lead to negative effect. The third and final research topic I find to be interesting is how self perception gets changed when becoming more involved in social media. There are studies on studies of how social media can shape young people and change their beliefs. I want to go more in depth with these topics and answer the questions about them most people have.


Introduction of Olevia Braithwaite

My name is Olevia Braithwaite and I am from Haymarket, VA. I come from a rather large high school with a graduating class of about 800 students. I’m interested in doing something with elementary education but I am still unsure of a major. The reason I attended college is so I can further my education and get the best career possible. I’m hoping that I not only learn more about the world over the next few years, but more about myself. The thing I am most excited for in this class is learning more about how to use the internet in new ways to create and discover. There are two topics on the syllabus that seem to be very interesting. The Theoretical Constructions of Identity, both gender and race, seem very appealing to learn about. They’re both topics that are popular among the media and are controversial. I’m excited to read about it and to also hear my peers views during class discussions. This is a picture of my baby sister, Christena, and I. She’s probably my favorite person in the world so I thought I would share.